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35 KWD

Niche perfume consists of bergamot flower with white musk, then ylang flower and cedar wood

It begins with an elegant and sophisticated bouquet of bergamot flowers and white musk, where the fragrance extends its hand to welcome the finest and softest scents that caress the breath

Components: Musk - Ylang- Bergamot - Cedar wood

ALMAS Perfume Atyab Al Saeed
30 KWD35 KWD

Almas perfume is a mixture of aromatic woods, lavender flowers, cinnamon, cedar wood and patchouli

A refreshing and elegant feminine fragrance. The fragrance is characterized by a long-lasting, fragrant scent that is suitable for evening and night events.

Components: Patchouli - Cinnamon Extract - Lavender - Wormwood - Cedarwood

25 KWD

It consists of a wonderful mixture, refreshing and out of the ordinary. It is distinguished by its exotic ingredients, including gooseberry, pear, pink pepper, and the heart of the fragrance comes in the scent of jasmine flower, pineapple and berries and ends with vanilla, amber and musk.

Components: Pear- gooseberry -pink pepper -rose - jasmine -raspberry -vanilla -amber - musk.

25 KWD

A fragrance full of mystery and energy, characterized by a unique scent that begins with a acidic scent of orange and bergamot, and in the heart are the roots of orris and coffee mixed with soft sensual flowers, and the base of the fragrance is rich with a mixture of patchouli with a soft powdery scent of vanilla and caramel

Components: Violet -Orange -Bergamot -Coffee -Orris Root -Rose -Patchouli -Vanilla -Caramel

25 KWD

Tiamo perfume with the scent of violet blossom and leather scent with musk extract

Tiamo perfume mixture, a distinctive aromatic bouquet with natural ingredients that spread a continuous tender covered with the fragrance of violet flower and mixed with the comfortable smell of leather and to complete the mixture with musk extract, giving you a distinctive perfume


25 KWD

Woody and floral notes are present with patchouli, musk and amber, while gardenia has the last word 

It is considered one of the best aromatic woody fragrances, a very sexy, elegant, sensual and modest fragrance. The woody and floral notes are present alongside patchouli, musk and amber, while the gardenia flower has the last word.

Components: Musk - Walnut Wood - Amber - Patchouli - Gardenia 


Rose & Rose Perfume Atyab Al Saeed
30 KWD35 KWD

Rose and Rose perfume consisting of tuberose, caddy, Turkish rose, ginger and musk

It is one of the best calming floral fragrances specially mixed for daily use,, It is distinguished in the tuberose flower, which is called tuberose, which has a very creamy aromatic smell with the caddy flower, which is a perennial tree with a beautiful smell with musk, ginger and Turkish rose

Components: Musk - pineapple - jasmine flower - white oud - cardamom

MAJESTIC Perfume Atyab Al Saeed
30 KWD35 KWD

Majestic perfume with the scent of pineapple flower, jasmine, luxurious white oud, musk and cardamom

It carries a wide range of refreshing and comforting aromas of cardamom and pineapple flower with the fragrant jasmine flower and is based on the white oud

Components: Musk - Tuberose - Cady - Turkish Rose - Ginger

25 KWD
MARVEL perfume by Atyab Al-Saeed
Marvel .. the amazing and wonderful that has no equal, with an attractive and fragrant scent.. It starts with mandarin and lemon flower, mixed with Bulgarian rose and raspberry,
With a soft powdery touch of musk and vanilla
COHIBA Perfume Atyab Alsaeed COHIBA Perfume Atyab Alsaeed
55 KWD65 KWD

We present to you the Cohiba perfume, which is mixed between the wonderful smell of musk and the attractive smell of tobacco to give you a distinctive mixture to the extreme

A luxurious, attention-grabbing fragrance that expresses the strength of personality and makes you special among the audience

Components:  Musk - Tobacco - Tobacco Copy

TIARA Perfume Atyab Al Saeed TIARA Perfume Atyab Al Saeed
Sold Out
30 KWD35 KWD

Tiara perfume mix with strawberry flower and a mixture of white musk 

We mixed the Tiara fragrance consisting of strawberry flower with amber extract to put a touch of patchouli and finish it with drops of white musk to be in your hands

Components :Grapefruit - Leather - Strawberry - White Musk - Patchouli - Amber Essence

RAWDA Perfume Atyab Al Saeed RAWDA Perfume Atyab Al Saeed
55 KWD65 KWD

The precious scent of musk mixed with lavender flower and sprinkles of royal oud to give a wonderful scent that makes you feel luxurious to the extreme

For lovers of excellence and exclusivity as it combines the flavors of wood and musk, which gives a scent full of luxury and freshness at the same time

Components: Musk - Lavender blossom - Royal Oud

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