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AMARE Perfume Atyab Al Saeed AMARE Perfume Atyab Al Saeed
30 KWD35 KWD

The scent of Kashmiri wood with saffron, white amber and a touch of lavender

A special mixture, especially at Atyab Al-Saeed, to be the first of its kind, which combines the fragrance of lavender and white amber with Kashmiri wood and the distinctive smell of saffron, which will make your perfume smell as good as saffron does in your food

Components: Lavender - Quality Saffron - White Amber - Cashmere Wood

DOLCEVITA Perfume Atyab Al Saeed DOLCEVITA Perfume Atyab Al Saeed
30 KWD35 KWD

Dolce Vita perfume consisting of the scent of mango flower and caramel extract with cedar wood and white amber

DOLCEVITA by Atyab Al-Saeed is a distinct fragrance with its refreshing mixture of mango flower extracts mixed with caramel, in the middle of the aroma of cedar wood, and ending with scattered white amber to give you a scent from another world

Components: Mango - Caramel Extract - White Amber - Cedar Wood

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