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KSA National Day Offers

عروض العطور

خصم خاص على العطر الواحد

خصم إضافي على العطرين

خصم إضافي على 3 عطور



عرض مجموعة خمرية:

خصم خاص على الحبتين من أيا منتج من المجموعة:

 - مسك الجسم
 - نيش الشعر
- لوشن الجسم
 - خمرية السعيد للشعر والجسم

خصم على المجموعة

 خمرية السعيد + لوشن الجسم + لمسة حرير 

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15 KWD

Niche hair perfume from Khamrya Collection,

A perfumed mist suitable for hair and body that combines the scent of bergamot flower and musk

NICHE Perfume Atyab Al Saeed
30 KWD35 KWD

Niche perfume consists of bergamot flower with white musk, then ylang flower and cedar wood

It begins with an elegant and sophisticated bouquet of bergamot flowers and white musk, where the fragrance extends its hand to welcome the finest and softest scents that caress the breath

Components: Musk - Ylang- Bergamot - Cedar wood

ALMAS Perfume Atyab Al Saeed
30 KWD35 KWD

Almas perfume is a mixture of aromatic woods, lavender flowers, cinnamon, cedar wood and patchouli

A refreshing and elegant feminine fragrance. The fragrance is characterized by a long-lasting, fragrant scent that is suitable for evening and night events.

Components: Patchouli - Cinnamon Extract - Lavender - Wormwood - Cedarwood

15 KWD

A Spray for both hair and body.


15 KWD
Components: White Musk - Lavander - Distilled Water
Rose & Rose Perfume Atyab Al Saeed
30 KWD35 KWD

Rose and Rose perfume consisting of tuberose, caddy, Turkish rose, ginger and musk

It is one of the best calming floral fragrances specially mixed for daily use,, It is distinguished in the tuberose flower, which is called tuberose, which has a very creamy aromatic smell with the caddy flower, which is a perennial tree with a beautiful smell with musk, ginger and Turkish rose

Components: Musk - pineapple - jasmine flower - white oud - cardamom

15 KWD
Components: Swiss flowers - Oud Kalakasi - Musk
20 KWD
Lmst Harir Cream For Body
MAJESTIC Perfume Atyab Al Saeed
30 KWD35 KWD

Majestic perfume with the scent of pineapple flower, jasmine, luxurious white oud, musk and cardamom

It carries a wide range of refreshing and comforting aromas of cardamom and pineapple flower with the fragrant jasmine flower and is based on the white oud

Components: Musk - Tuberose - Cady - Turkish Rose - Ginger

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