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KSA National Day Offers

عروض العطور

خصم خاص على العطر الواحد

خصم إضافي على العطرين

خصم إضافي على 3 عطور



عرض مجموعة خمرية:

خصم خاص على الحبتين من أيا منتج من المجموعة:

 - مسك الجسم
 - نيش الشعر
- لوشن الجسم
 - خمرية السعيد للشعر والجسم

خصم على المجموعة

 خمرية السعيد + لوشن الجسم + لمسة حرير 

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15 KWD

Niche hair perfume from Khamrya Collection,

A perfumed mist suitable for hair and body that combines the scent of bergamot flower and musk

15 KWD

A Spray for both hair and body.


ALMAS Perfume Atyab Al Saeed
30 KWD35 KWD

Almas perfume is a mixture of aromatic woods, lavender flowers, cinnamon, cedar wood and patchouli

A refreshing and elegant feminine fragrance. The fragrance is characterized by a long-lasting, fragrant scent that is suitable for evening and night events.

Components: Patchouli - Cinnamon Extract - Lavender - Wormwood - Cedarwood

15 KWD
Components: White Musk - Lavander - Distilled Water
20 KWD
Lmst Harir Cream For Body
15 KWD
Components: Swiss flowers - Oud Kalakasi - Musk
MAJESTIC Perfume Atyab Al Saeed
30 KWD35 KWD

Majestic perfume with the scent of pineapple flower, jasmine, luxurious white oud, musk and cardamom

It carries a wide range of refreshing and comforting aromas of cardamom and pineapple flower with the fragrant jasmine flower and is based on the white oud

Components: Musk - Tuberose - Cady - Turkish Rose - Ginger

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